We strongly encourage you to not buy on impulse and exercise frugality. Do not spend unnecessarily.
This will help
save the environment.

About Me

Pretty and Under 40 started off as a blogshop directory but eventually morphed into my personal blog. Its purpose is still the same, that's to review and reveal the prettiest and most interesting things that's worth the penny. I do try to look out for things under RM40 (and sometimes also under USD$40, GBP40, SGD$40, etc), but in the state of economic recovery and stagflation where things get more expensive, it is difficult to find such treasures. And with that in mind, the spirit of treasure seeking and bargain hunting drives this blog to live up to its name. 

As you keep up with this blog, you'd notice that most of the items posted are the latest. All because of my Blackberry where I can receive updates from the blogshop owners and update the blog immediately.

I try to update the blog daily and as instantaneous as possible. But because I update with my Blackberry, the outcome of the posts aren't very fancy.

Having spoken about shopping, my ultimate dream is to see this blog penetrating into the lifestyle realm where the content isn't just about shopping, but filled with contents to inspire all who are under 40 (in physique and in mind).

A few personal note,  I do not sell, trade, or manufacture the products. I merely post and make personal comments on them. While I find the kick in shopping (or window shopping), I discourage all to buy what's unnecessary. Do not buy on impulse and never ever to spend with borrowed money (i.e. credit card, loan, etc).

Exercise frugality as it saves your pocket and the environment too.
If you have any queries or request, email me at